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Do Different is a forward thinking management consultancy based in East Anglia. We work successfully with a fascinating mix of clients. These include SME & Corporate businesses, the Public Sector, VCSEs and dynamic entrepreneurs.

We inspire our clients to gain a competitive advantage whilst meeting the challenges of fiscal austerity. Do Different believes that with the right advice, and fresh thinking, many businesses can thrive in such circumstances.

"To be successful you can't follow the pack, you need to do different. We are Do Different. We can inspire you to be successful."

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Find us at Norwich Research Park:

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The Do Different team are all expert practitioners. 

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We are extremely proud that we attract industry experts to our team, bringing with them a broad range of talents and experience.

This experience and network enable us to have a unique insight into what really works across different organisations. We tailor activity to a clients needs whilst also giving them a broad range different inputs and inspirations.

Our experts will not only advise you on what to do, but we will become part of your team delivering the answer.  We will help our client to make better decisions, increase profits & reduce costs, build a more effective organisation and develop appropriate technology strategies.

The Do Different team starts by understanding the organisation (360 degree approach); the operation, competitive dynamics, culture, objectives and unique challenges. 

By understanding how you view the world we can provide a detailed plan that works for you, not for us, in order to deliver a solution that improves your organisation.

Do Different’s culture of innovation, curiosity, positive disruption and reinvention means that your thinking will be challenged - but this is how we deliver brilliant results for our clients.

We deliver the value that we promise and what our clients expect.

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We only work with clients that we can add real value to. This value could mean; improved cash flow and higher revenue, lower costs, or achieving your vision with less stress.

Our approach can help you to achieve new goals, penetrate new markets, create successful mergers, become industry leaders or to be more successful. Whatever is important to you, will become important to us.

But what do others say about Do Different?

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"Their direction, advice and insight was fantastic and I would certainly use Do Different again” - Age UK Norfolk

"Norfolk Community Foundation are pleased to work with Morgan and the team at Do Different" - Norfolk Community Foundation

"Do Different have seen every business challenge before and know how to advise correctly" - Naked Marketing

"A total professional. I would recommend" - TPG Media

Check out What People Say About Us for more lovely comments!

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Do Different: In the headlines. Making headlines.

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In April 2017 Morgan Self (Chief Executive - Do Different) was a shortlisted as a finalist for the IoD Director of the Year. 

In November 2015 Do Different was honoured to be selected to join the Future 50’s “Class of 2015” for Norfolk and Suffolk.

To quote the Future 50 judging panel, “… we are looking for companies that are exciting, have lots of prospects, bags of potential and ones that are well-run.”

Do Different is pleased that we tick all the above boxes and can inspire other entrepreneurs to be better, to Do Different. We see this Award as a brilliant endorsement about how we work, how we are structured and where we are going as a team. We value this recognition.

Our Chief Executive is:

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Morgan Self, Do Different

  • IoD Director of the Year - Finalist 2017
  • Future 50 Class of 2015 - "Do Different is one of the most innovative companies across Norfolk & Suffolk!"
  • University of East Anglia Business School - Norfolk Knowledge & University Mentor
  • Roehampton University London - Entrepreneurial Mentor
  • Norfolk Chamber of Commerce - Area Board Member
  • Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster - Co Founder


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Find us at Norwich Research Park:

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360° Approach

The services we offer

services we offer

Do Different work closely with our clients to fully understand their unique journey – where they are, and where they need to be, in order to achieve greater success.

Our team of industry experts can help the client to plan the journey together, the ‘stations’ that we need to visit, the route to take and the timetable to achieve this success, in the fastest time. Some clients may need a direct route (taking in just one industry expert) whilst others have a more complex journey to plan (taking in a multitude of disciplines). This holistic approach will Inspire the business or organisation to succeed and / or Empower people to grow.

… Plus the team at Do Different has the toolkit to deliver the results!